rangeman: (Default)
2012-04-18 10:21 am

no more.

I walked along this narrow path,
the branches scraped and made me bleed.
The past is covered in pain and red,
but I know that somewhere forward's what I need.

Stained in pain, I continued on,
I held close on to my chest.
The pain is getting to be to much,
but I've no where I can rest.

Forward on, the path should widen.
Forward on, I'll be alright.
If I can go on just some more,
No longer will I have to fight.

But if I never make it there,
will I find the other end?
A treasure for those who can finish,
a loss for those who cannot tread.

A deep breath in, I stumbled harsh.
My knees gave out and broke me down.
I can't get up from my defeat,
but I still try against the ground.

The sobs come now, uncontrolled.
After time, I've now been beat.
And though my journey has been cut short,
my time, my struggle is now complete.